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An elegant driveway adds a distinctive presence and a feel of genuine quality to any property.

Whether gained through the pleasure of parking-up when arriving home, or an impressive access to your business, we provide an exceptional asset that lasts.​  Block paving is a classic, hardy and popular choice for many of our customers and is an area of particular expertise for DRIVE WAYS.  Design options include a wide range of block types, colours, kerbs and infinite creative patterns to meet all tastes.  Alternative surfaces include slabs, shingle or gravel, all installed with appropriate and discreet drainage. 

Families increasingly want to take advantage of their outdoor space, which if used to full effect,

can almost become an additional seasonal room.  Our beautifully crafted patios provide a place to entertain, enjoy, barbecue or simply relax, with the added benefit of being ultra-low maintenance.  Granite, natural stone, slabs or blocks - circular and creative, or angular, crisp and modern, all patio types can be laid in an array of stylish patterns and shaped landscapes to bring a unique appearance to your home.  Whether small or large, DRIVE WAYS offer complete design consultation to assist our customers in choosing the right patio for their lifestyle and budget.

Our landscaping solutions can transform front or rear gardens into an impressive feature to surround your property.

Whilst beautiful patios and sleek drives play a big part in many landscapes, its often the finishing touches brought by DRIVE WAYS that make our work stand out from the ordinary.  Brickwork, features, multiple-level steps, decking, fencing, fresh turf or artificial lawns that look good all year round - even subtle outdoor lighting - get the most from your garden at a price that's less than you might expect.  Without using sub-contractors, our full-time installation team have the necessary experience, skills and equipment to efficiently deliver your entire project.​

Artificial lawn
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